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Eco-Logical Heating Water Solutions

Water treatment that makes sense

Since its founding in 1991, water is the core element of the company elector. From the beginning elector has concentrated on the influences of water on corrosion in heating systems and today offers reliable solutions for corrosion protection in central heating and cooling system.

Following fields of water treatment are in the focus of elector:

elector corrosion protection

Corrosion protection by electrochemical water treatment

The electrochemical water treatment for corrosion protection in heating systems is the main focus of the company elector. The elector heating water conditioner grant a reliable corrosion protection to heating systems, tab water systems and industrial cooling- and heating systems by electrochemical water treatment using a galvanic element.


Further information on electrochemical corrosion protection

deionised water

De-Ionised Water - Demineralised Water

Due to its pure form demineralised water, also called deionised water, is the ideal medium for filling central heating systems and cooling systems. The smallest number of dissolved salts in the water prevents damages caused by limescale and is an effective step against corrosion – especially in combination with the electrochemical water treatment.


Further information on demineralised water