Heating System Filling Water Treatment

Mobile Water Treatment System for de-ionisation of heating water with pH stabilisation

CLARIMAX 1200 HW - De-ionisation with pH stabilisation

Professional water treatment system for filling heating systems with pH-stable de-ionised water. CLARIMAX is the ideal solution for the low-salt operation of heating systems with a stable pH according to common European guidelines. CLARIMAX 1200 HW - the first choice for professionals to fill modern heating systems.

Water treatment system CLARIMAX 1200 HW - Data and information

Demineralisation cartridge for filling heating system


Filling water demineralisation system for initial filling or refilling of heating systems. Elaborated demineralisation cartridge proven for many times. First choice of many installers. Easy to handle and regenerable after exhaustion.

DI-Cartridge Desaline PUROFILL - data and specification

Accessories for Heating System Filling Water Treatment Systems

Kapazitätsindikator MINIgarde

MINIgarde - Capacity Indicator

Capacity indicator MINIgarde for constant monitoring of the zur fortlaufenden Überwachung des performance condition of de-ionisation water filter systems for heating system filling water treatment.

Capacity indicator MINIgarde - data and information