CLARIMAX 1200 HW Heating System Filling Water Treatment
CLARIMAX 1200 HW - De-ionisation and pH stabilisation of the heating-system filling water.

The best choice for heating system water treatment

The prevention of corrosion and damages caused by limescale in heating systems starts with the correct filling water. The unique water filter system CLARIMAX 1200 HW has been developed to fulfill this need and offers a reliable method for the treatment of heating system make-up water.

Directly from the mains water quality CLARIMAX 1200 HW provides an ideal filling water for heating systems. No matter where you are and what the raw water quality is, with CLARIMAX 1200 HW you have always the identical safe solutionfor the  make-up water for modern heating systems.

Conventional water filter systems for heating system make-up water treatment are either based on water softening, which lowers the total hardness, or on deionisation (demineralisation), which lowers the total hardness and the electrical conductivity. But none of these methods rise the pH of the heating system make-up water to an ideal level. Normally you have to add a chemical to the water to solve this problem, but not with CLARIMAX 1200 HW.

The chemical agent free water treatement sytem CLARIMAX 1200 HW provides heating system filling water with a low total hardness, a low electrical conductivity and a pH of approx. 8.5 – from the first to the last liter within its capacity range.

The technique used by CLARIMAX 1200 HW is unique these days and impressed boiler manufacturers. As a result, manufacturers such as Remeha (Germany), Glen Dimplex Germany, Stiebel Eltron (Germany) and others recommend CLARIMAX 1200 HW and use the system in their own customer service department.

According to leading European guidelines for heating system operation, the best water for heating systems has a low total hardness to prevent the formation of limescale in the heating, which can cause a loss in heating efficiency, blocked heat exchangers or erosion corrosion due to circulating limescale particles.

Beside a low total hardness of the heating water it is useful to keep the electrical conductivity of the heating water low as well. The reason is that any corrosion process in heating systems occurs with a transfer of electrons from a metal into the water. A low electrical conductivity of the heating water slows this process down and in some cases can even stop it. Thus guidelines such as the German VDI 2035 or the Austrian ÖNORM H5195-1 state, that a low conductivity of the heating water is advisable and according to the Swiss SWKI a low electrical conductivity is required.

The guidelines underline that especially with a high concentration of dissolved oxygen in the heating system water, the electrical conductivity should be low. Taken from the experience of other corrosion protection fields it is well known, that a low electrical conductivity can make a high oxygen concentration tolerable and keeps the risk of corrosion low.

Furthermore all the guidelines share the knowledge, that the pH of the heating water should be between 8.2 to 10, but a maximum of. 8.5 in presence of an aluminium alloy. The pH of the heating water determines, whether a metal can be passivated and thus protected against corrosion naturally by the formation of stable layers on the metal surface.

Advantages by CLARIMAX 1200 HW

CLARIMAX Heating Water Demineralisation
Simple operation due to compact and elaborated construction of the filter system.

CLARIMAX 1200 HW offers you the unique chance to operate any heating system with the ideal heating water quality according to recommendation of corrosion science and common guidelines:

  • A low total hardness of approx. 0.11 °dH.
  • A low electircal conductivity of <100 µS/cm.
  • An ideal pH of 8.2 - 8.5.
  • Cost saving as manual adjustment of the pH is omitted.
  • Sophisticated flow system within the cartridge prevents undefined water quality and guarantees constant reduction of total dissolved salts.
  • Complies with common directives.
  • Capacity of 1860 Liters at a raw water conductivity fo 200 µS/cm.
  • Mobile and shock resistant filter system.
  • Cartridge system allows time-saving work as no resin handling is required.

Quality Control for CLARIMAX 1200 HW

CLARIMAX 1200 HW - Capacity control with MINIgarde

CLARIMAX 1200 HW offers within its capacity range a safe solution for filling modern heating systems with an ideal water quality. In its basic construction CLARIMAX is not equipped with an integrated capacity control. For this purpose there is the possibility to install suitable conductivity indicators at the outflow of the water filter system, such as the MINIgarde capacity indicator.

Technical Data

Field of application:De-ionisation of the filling water for heating systems with an integrated increase of the pH to a safe value of 8.2 - 8.5 according to Europan guidelines
Operating temperature:4 - 30°C
Operating pressures:2 - 6,9 bar
Flow rate:~8,3 l/min.
Weight:~21,5 kg ready to use


The amount of water to be treated with CLARIMAX depends on the total amount of dissolved salts in the untreated raw water. At a conductivity of 200 µS/cm of the raw water CLARIMAX is able to treat approx. 1860 liters of heating system filling water. The following chart is a rough guide.

CLARIMAX capacity range

Capacity limit - Water filter exhaustion

The capacity limit is defined by the conductivity of the treated water. At a point of 100 µS/cm the filter is exhausted. The conductivity can be monitored at the outflow of the CLARIMAX 1200 water filter system.

Design and dimensions

Article  DescriptionA
ca. Capacity at 200 µS/cm
41055CLARIMAX 1200 HW
Water filter system with cartridge 1200 DM pH+
300 550~1.860 l
41052Filter cartridge 1200 DM pH+
for demineralisation and pH stabilisation
- - ~1.860 l
41053Filter cartridge 1200 DM for demineralisation- - ~1.860l
In / Out: G 3/4"


Scope of delivery

  • CLARIMAX 1200 HW water filter system with cartridge pH+

Text for invitation to tender

De-ionisation of filling water for heating
systems according to European
guidelines. Allows low salt operation
at simultaneously adjustment of
the pH to an value of 8.2-8.5.

Mobile water treatment system for
treatment of heating system filling water.
For initial filling or refilling of heating
systems with de-ionised water.
Either mobile of for fixed installation.

Fulfills claims of common directives
to prevent water side damages
in heating systems caused by
limescale and damages caused
by corrosion due to hard water or
water with a high conductivity.

Water filter system with integrated
filter cardtridge for de-ionisation and
and pH-stabilisation. Cartridge to
be replaced at exhaustion.

Flow rate: max. 8,3 l/min
Operating temperature: 4 - 30°C
Operating pressure: 2 – 6,9 bar
Capacity: ~1.860 l at 200 µS/cm
Capacity limit: 100 µS/cm
conductivity of the treated water

Type: CLARIMAX 1200 HW
Article: 41055

Available at:
elector GmbH


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