DI cartridge PUROFILL

Demineralisation system for initial filling or refilling of heating systems

Similar to VES cartridge p10

Desaline PUROFILL is a demineralisation cartridge (de-ionisation cartridge) for treatment of the filling or refilling water for central heating systems. Due to the deionisation of the central heating filling water the risk of damages or loss of efficiency caused by limescale is avoided and the threat of water side corrosion is lowered. The use of PUROFILL complies with common European guidelines (such as VDI 2035, SWKI or ÖNORM H 5195-1) for heating system make-up water treatment.

By the demineralisation process with PUROFILL lime and corrosive substances, such as chlorides and sulphates, are reliably removed from the water. This makes the demineralised water treated with PUROFILL an ideal central heating filling water, as in addition to a low water hardness the total salt content and thus the electrical conductivity is low.

With the PUROFILL water filter system the generation of demineralised water for filling heating systems is a simple process for the installer.

The filling water is simply passed through the PUROFILL demineralisation cartdridge before entering the heating system. During this process dissolved salts are removed from the water by a special ion exchange resin. This results in a continuous demineralisation of the filling water during the filling of the central heating.

  • Reusable cartridge – PUROFILL can be regenerated anytime after exhaustion by a simple replacement of the mixed bed resin.
  • Flexibility – PUROFILL can be used both for the initial filling and refilling of all central heating systems.
Filling heating system with demineralised water
PUROFILL - The demineralisation cartridge for the easy filling of heating systems with demineralised water.
Conductivity indicator for DI-cartridge
The capacity of PUROFILL can be monitored by conductivity indicators.
Mixed bed resin for DI-cartridge
If PUROFILL is exhausted, the ion exchange resin is simply replaced for regeneration.

Technical Data

Application area:Demineralisation (De-ionisation) of filling water for heating systems
Working temperature:5 to 50 °C
Operational pressure:3 - 6 bar

DimensionsDesaline PUROFILL Maße

TitleA (mm)B (mm)

Capacity at 1°dH / 1,78°fH / 0,1783 mmol/l

Max. Flow
41034Desaline PUROFILL 50140420~ 4 m3100 l/h
41030Desaline PUROFILL 100159560~ 9 m3260 l/h
41031Desaline PUROFILL 150219530~ 12 m3420 l/h
Inlet / Outlet: Male, 3/4"

The capacity refers to an end-point of 50 µS/cm conductivity of the demineralised water. The real capacity depends on the flow rate, the temperature of the water as well as of the type an age of the mixed-bed resin used.


  • Water supplying and dispensing system
  • Polyglass cartridge filled with special elector mixed bed resin MB-65el

Text for invitation to tender


Demineralisation of filling- and
refilling water for heating systems
according to guidelines, such as
VDI 2035 low salt operation.
Refillable ion exchanger cartridge
with water feeding and dispensing
system. Ready for use filled
with special mixed bed resin
that can be replaced after

Capacity: ___ m³ at 0,1783 mmol/l
Recommeded flow rate: ____ l/h
Working temperature: 5 to 50°C
Operational pressure: 6 bar at 20°C,
3 bar at 50°C

Type: Desaline PUROFIL ____
Article No.: ________

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