MINIgarde - Capacity Indicator for De-Ionisation Systems

MINIgarde - Capacity indicator for de-ionsation cartridges

When filling heating systems with de-ionised (demineralised) water the performance state of the de-ionisation system is the most crucial factor for the treated filling water.

The electrical conductivity of any deionised water serves as the indicator, whether the deionisation system still has enough capacity for operation or if the system is exhausted.

Depending on the field of application and the ion exchange resin and the system configuration the exhaustion begins when the conductivity rises above 10 µS/cm. From this point on various ions, such as silikate, carbonic acid or chlorides, are not reliably removed anymore. Thus the water quality becomes uncontrollable.

As soon as the electrical conductivity rises the de-ionised water becomes more and more acidic. The resin that is used in the water filter system determines from what point on the pH of the water drops into an acidic range.

MINIgarde assures safe and simple de-ionisation

By use of MINIgarde you have the electrical conductivity of the treated water and thus its quality under control.

MINIgarde has a flow cell which can be installed at the outlet of
any deionisation cartridge with a 3/4“ thread. The device monitors
the electrical conductivity of the water in full flow and indicates the
capacity by flashing diodes.

MINIgarde flashes...

  • MINIgarde OK... green - the electrical conductivity is lower than 10 μS/cm. The deionisation works within the ideal range.
  • MINIgarde akzeptabel... yellow - the electrical conductivity is between 10 and 50 μS/cm. The deionisation resin is soon to be exhausted.
  • MINIgarde erschöpft... red - the electrical conductivity rises 50 μS/cm. The deionisation cartridge is exhausted, the resin is to be replaced.

MINIgarde is specially designed for use in combination with our special mixed bed resin MB-65el for heating system filling water treatment and in a special construction for the use with the CLARIMAX water filter system. MINIgarde can be used with other de-ionisation resins as well.

Attributes of MINIgarde

  • Monitoring of conductivity during operation of heating system filling water treatment
  • simple and understandable for anybody by flashing diodes
  • instant and accurate results
  • functional flow cell with male and female thread

Technical Data

MINIgarde Capacity Indicator
MINIgarde ist to be installed at the outflow of de-ionisation filter systems and constantly monitors the electrical conductivity of the treated water.
Field of operation:Capacity monitoring of water de-ionisation (demineralisation) systems
Operation temperature:1 to 30 °C
Standard Set-points:

<10 µS/cm - green
10-50 µS/cm - yellow
>50 µS/cm - red

Power supply:

integrated battery (10 years lifetime)

Connection:3/4" thread with coupling nut and 3/4" external thread
Article:70017 - MINIgarde standard
70026 - MINIgarde with special set-points for use with CLARIMAX 1200 HW

Text for invitation to tender

Capacity Indicator MINIgarde
Indicator for monitoring the
performance state of
de-ionisation (demineralisation)
water filter systems for the treatment
of heating system filling water,
low salt operation.

Flow cell with 3/4“ connection
external thread and coupling nut
3/4“ internal thread. Internal
electrode for measurement of

Device constantly measures
the conductivity of the
deionised water and indicates
by flashing diodes the
condition of the water.

MINIgarde Standard
Diode„green“ - conductivity
<10 µS/cm
Diode„yellow“ - conductivity
10-50 µS/cm
Diode „red“ - conductivity
>50 µS/cm

Diode„green“ - conductivity
<50 µS/cm
Diode„yellow“ - conductivity
50-90 µS/cm
Diode „red“ - conductivity
>90 µS/cm

Indicator for assembly at the outflow
of the de-ionsation system so that
the treated water flows through the
flow cell.

Connection thread: 3/4“
Operating temperature: 1 - 30°C

Type: Capacity Indicator MINIgarde
Article: 70017

Type: Capacity Indicator MINIgarde CLARIMAX
Article: 70026

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elector GmbH